Friday, March 30, 2007

Professor's WI 4 29/03/07

This was my goal for the season ! It was to lead a true WI 4 and it was the 13th waterfall I have ever climbed. I have lead all but 2 and soloed 2. I think that when we climbed Professor's it was in good WI 4 shape with the last pitch being the crux, it was dry too !!! We got a short shower at the top of the third pitch but not to bad. I lead the whole route and think that it was the hardest, longest, best route I have climbed on Ice. The first and third pitches were WI 3+, the last pitch was WI4 and the rest were WI3. I had a great time on this climb with Tim B. we had awesome weather and temps that made for great ice. A bit hooked out in spots but not to bad. Thanks Tim for great day.

Tim B. at the top of the first pitch.

Rock and Ice at the bottom of the second pitch.
The Third pitch was a bit wet at the top. What a nice curtain !

Taking a load off behind the curtain.

And I'm off up the third pitch.

Almost wet now ...

I loved this short 4th pitch it was great ice to climb and Fun !

A better look.

Up close... some ice formations on the waterfall were cool.

Tim and I.

The lady sent me a text message at the bottom of the fifth pitch, 143 babe.

This is the last 6th pitch and the crux of the climb. This is the longest hardest lead I have done to date. It was the 13th waterfall that I have ever climbed ! 11th lead. Oh Lucky #13.

It's 40 meters tall.

This is a good perspective of the size of the climb.

Got Climbing? eh!
This was my commit point, go up or go down and of course I went up.

Tim up top, thanks for the belay brother.

I took some pictures of the rap down from the top pitch. A look down, down, down...

OOOOO yaaa!
Sweet !!

Bye Tim.

What a day !
tim shot me side ways for a sec on the last pitch and thought he had pressed play again but fat fingered it. O well.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Lake Loonie, '06, I watched this guy fish most of the day a way.

he has got a fish in his mouth in this picture.

The Posse

My best half , Charity.

With the Mom in Law, Deb.

Mom 143

The Gang ...

Malia Ma LOOO



Mt Baker from the air

Got a good view of Mt. Baker when we flew to Vancouver last summer. Skiied there as

a kid but have never gone to climb it. Hummm??

Friday, March 23, 2007

Ice Caves, AA Glacier Toe

The face of ice.

Ice Caves, AA Glacier Toe

Large boulder with a skylight shot from inside an ice cave at the toe of the AA Glacier 2006.

A Road Ram

That thing got a Hemi?
This guy was on the highway just before the "Big bend" 10 mins before the Columbia Icefield and just past the Weeping Wall.

Mt. Hector Attempt 22/03/07

Me and Tim B. went for hector and found good times, high winds but no summit. Mind you we would have been able to see nothing up there as it was clouded in all day.
Tim tried with out ski's and found out the snow pack was deep.

Tim up through the rock bands.
Our first stop for food and drink.
A look around, this was as much sun as we got this day.

I lead the whole way but didn't mind. I'm a stronger skier than Tim so i paved the way.
Howz it brah dah !
And we are off after a brake.

Just about to crest the ridge to the glacier .. so we thought. It was another 2 Klms.
As you can see here. You should see the summit here but the clouds are blocking it. It is to the left of the rock ridge and about another 4 hours.
Fruit by the foot makes Tim go yum.

We we bailed on the summit due to weather and time for the ski out. With Tim being a newbie it would have been a hard ski out for him/us by head lamp so I dropped this cornus and another cliff and we skied out. Good times had by all.

Tim is in the pic below, can ya find him ?
Ok here he is. Above. Tim did really well for a guy who has only ski in the back counrty and 6 times at that. And me saying until later Hector, I'll be back.

Above first is the scoop and me dropping a cliff.