Sunday, March 08, 2009

Wicked Wanda WI4+ 07/03/2009

I worn pink panties on this day ! Shit this climb is intimidating ! and a stiff WI4+ !

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Grotto Canyon 27/02/2009

Did a bit of mixed climbing at Groto Canyon, Grant P. and I climbed Grotto Falls WI3 and I just clipped the chains at the belay station. Then we moved to His WI4 and i lead a mixed line to the left of it, maybe M5/6. Then Grant lead Hers WI4 and i top it and the mixed climb Skecth and Sniff M6 to the left of Hers. Nice sunny day warm temps and a good day otu in the hills.

Bourgeau Righthand WI4+R 12/05/2008

First ice climb of the season and fresh back from Nepal. I didn't lead any of the climb, i just felt like getting my ice "legs" before i started to lead fro the season. It was a great climb and on the list of to climb again but on lead next time.

Step Right Up WI3 /+ 12/26/2008

Nice sunny day On Step Right Up WI3 /+. Climbed with Mark H., Grant P., Joe and Lou. Nice day out in great weather on a nice easy climb with good company. Love it !

Meltout WI3 01/04/2008

Went to climb Meltout WI3 with Chris S. temps were up and down. The climb was realy wet and we got just that, wet! It was a nice climb with great company !

Moonlight WI4 12/22/2008

This is Moonlight WI4, It was -27 /-30 this day and it was like climbing vertical glass! Hard to get ice screws in without cracking the ice and hard to climb due to having to swing very softly nad worries of the ice falling down on me, cracking and would the protection hold a fall? I froze my hands and feet hanging out at the hanging belay for 2 hours! I had serious screaming barfies, worst i have evr had ! Fun ?! Climbed with Juan from Chili.