Friday, March 10, 2006

Attempt 6 at anything in the Columbia Icefield 03/06

This is all the food and gear for 6 days in the Columbia Icefields, it weighed 35 lbs. I worked out all the degree's of travel before hand to prepare for white out conditions.

The mouth of the Athabasca glacier and Andromeda on the left. The headwall up to the Icefield proper looked good.

Athabasca was looking good in the morning sun rise and Kitchener WoW!

The North face of Snow Dome Still has yet to have an accent, wonder why? The Dome glacier in the middle, Snow Dome is left, and Kitchener is right.

I love this face and will at some time make an attempt on it. It's Snow Dome's North East face, on the right side is Slipstream, one of the worlds hardest climbs. Does it look good or what!!

The Dome glacier pours down the valley and the icefall is awesome. The Athabasca glacier and headwall is a great approach.

Athabasca has a great East face that probably see's very little traffic. I will have to make a go of it sometime. On the way home the Weeping Wall looked really good this is the top and bottom. The last photo is just the bottom of it, words don't do it justice and nether do the photo's it's incredible a must see and climb. Happy and safe climbing .